Established the linguistics curriculum at McMaster in 1979-1980, with new courses in syntax, morphology, semantics, and historical linguistics



Comparative mythology, Readings in myth, Odin and warrior cults

Designed two new courses in mythology, Eurasian and North American Myth,

Advanced Topics in Mythology.


Historical linguistics

Linguistics and culture (structuralism), Generative grammar and mind

Phonetics, Phonology, Syntax, Semantics, Morphology, Field linguistics

Political Science

Culture and Nationalism

The Caucasus and Central Asia:

Ethnographical history of the former Soviet Union

Ethnic and Political Dynamics of the Caucasus (graduate seminar),

Caucasian languages: Circassian, Ubykh, Abkhaz, Abaza, Georgian

Custom course packs in: 

Culture and Nationalism (271 pages)

Comparative Mythology (with three articles from others) (264 pages)

Ethnographic History of Inner Asia (182 pages)

Analytic Thinking and Structuralism (114 pages)

Historical Linguistics (92 pages)

Semantics (103 pages)

A Reader in Northwest Caucasian Languages (207 pages)

Phonology (74 pages)