John Colarusso

Professor in the Anthropology Department of McMaster University, Ontario.

- Peoples of the Caucasus and the Struggle to Survive
- Mountain of Tongues (50 languages in an area the size of Spain)
- 3 language families, relics of a linguistic world before the great expansions of Indo-European, Semitic, and Altaic families
- Languages of mind-boggling complexity
- Georgian: ‘I am kissing her’ ~ ‘me kissed she’
- Abkhazian: lots of consonants, 2 or 3 vowels
- Chechen and Daghestani: Lots of consonants and lots of vowels
- Kingdoms of Abkhazia, Georgia, and Caucasian Alvania (Albania)
- The Circassians and Ubykhs, the greatest warriors
- The Chechens and (38) Daghestanis
- Ethnic jokes
- Alternative forms of national organization
- Circassian tribal organzaition (shades of Scotland)
- “Nested” allies in Daghestan
- Conquered and suppressed by Russia
- Seeking the light – what these cultures have to offer
- Prestige for women
- Veneration of the elderly (long lived)
- Hospitality
- Amazing sense of style
- Spectacular dancing
- Warrior spirit

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