Prof. John Colarusso

Professor in the Anthropology Department of McMaster University, Ontario.

Caucasus Talk Podcast

The Nart sagas lie like bedrock, or like groundwater, deep under the surface of the cultures here in the Caucasus. It is our immense privilege to welcome our esteemed guest Dr. John Colarusso to the podcast today. Dr. Colarusso ranks as the world’s leading expert on the Narts. He is the only person to have ever penned—or even attempted—a translation into English of the sagas. He is an expert on several of the Caucasus languages and has written prolifically on them. We learned a ton about these fascinating mythologies and really have only just skimmed the surface. Join us as we enter into the magical world of the Narts!

Tuck Magazine | February 6, 2014

Dr. John Colarusso is a world renowned Professor of Linguistics and Mythology whose long standing area of interest has been the Caucasus. When acting as an adviser to the Bill Clinton administration on the wars in the Caucasus, he was instrumental in starting a plastic surgery programme for women who were injured from both sides of the Abkhazian – Georgian War. In an interview with Saida Panesh, Dr. Colarusso discussed his scientific research into the language of the Circassians, a mysterious group of people aboriginal to Sochi, host of the 2014 Winter Olympics.